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About Us.

Our Service to You.

At Shattered Ink, our client health and comfort is of paramount importance. Our aim is to offer the highest standards of equipment and service. We have selected only FDA approved equipment for its clinical excellence.

The Quanta Q plus C laser and Cryo 6 cooling system have been rigorously evaluated and come with full assurance that is backed up by “best practice” and well documented clinical data ensuring that your treatment has the greatest possible chance of success. Our systems facilitate the total removal of single and multi coloured tattoos effectively, and most importantly -safely.

Our staff – fully-trained and accredited by Manchester University – are experts in the laser tattoo removal industry. They are qualified to carry out and understand the implications of our initial consultation so that the best course of treatment can be planned to achieve your goals with regards to your unwanted tattoos.

Our Laser Machine.

At Shattered Ink, we use the most advanced Q-switch laser in the world. The Quanta Q Plus C Laser incorporates both the Q-switched Nd-YAG laser system operating at 1064nm, 532nm and a Q-switched ruby laser operating at 694nm.

The three output wavelengths allow Shattered Ink to effectively fade and or remove all treatable colours. An exclusive characteristic of the Q-Plus C is its utilisation of Optibeam technology hand pieces.

This delivers a square spot profile, which allows safer and more effective treatments due to the equal energy distribution over the treated area.

This results in less skin trauma as it avoids unwanted over lapping and can result in up to 20% reduction in the number of treatments required for total clearance.

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