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Frequently asked questions.

Is Laser tattoo removal very painful?
If you can cope with being tattooed you can usually stand being Lasered. It is a different sensation to having a tattoo and is usually much faster than having a tattoo. Most individuals liken the sensation to being flicked with an elastic band.  We use a Cryo cooler for client comfort during treatment. We can also advise on pain-reduction options.
Does it leave a scar?
Very rarely, after a course of Laser treatment the skin pigment may be altered slightly.  Scarring is usually a result of aftercare instructions not being followed, a poor tattooing technique or an inexperienced Laser operator.  Our experienced Laser consultant will, in most cases identify any scarring during the initial consultation.
Can colours be removed?
The Quanta Q-Plus C Laser can safely and effectively remove/fade all treatable colours including the greens and red spectrum. Colours than cannot usually be removed are whites, skin tones and some yellows.
Is Laser treatment expensive?

Our prices range from £30-£300 per session/per tattoo. Large tattoos may need to be broken down into smaller sections to treat effectively. We offer discounts for multiple tattoos and offer a client loyalty scheme.

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