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Laser Technology.

Laser technology has made it possible to remove unwanted tattoos via a faster and safer method then ever before. No longer will clients need to consider skin-damaging treatments such as acid removal, excision, and dermabrasion.

Lasers remove the ink by targeting ink pigments with a high intensity beam which shatters the ink particles. The shattered ink can then be absorbed by the natural bodily processes, fading the tattoo until it is no longer visible.


Prices vary for each individual tattoo depending on size, colour and location of the tattoo.  Price start at £30 – £300 per session or per tattoo. Larger tattoos may need to be broken down into smaller sections. We offer discounts for multiple tattoos and also offer a loyalty scheme.

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Examples of our work.

Fact & fiction about laser tattoo removal.

Fiction: Laser treatment is really painful
Fact: Laser treatment is no more painful than having the tattoo put on, but laser treatment is much quicker. At Shattered Ink you will be advised at your consultation about pain free treatment options.
Fiction: Red and green inks cannot be removed
Fact: Our Quanta Q Plus C Laser can safely and effectively fade/remove all treatable colours including stubborn greens using the Ruby Laser.
Fiction: Laser treatment leaves scars
Fact: Very rarely after full treatment the skin pigment may fade, but this will, in most cases, become normal after several months. More often, scars are the result of poor tattooing technique, or the result of a tattoo scab being picked. The scar only becomes visible once the tattoo has been laser removed. Our experienced laser consultant will, in most cases identify a scar during initial consultation.
Fiction: Laser treatment is very expensive
Fact: Single treatments start at £20. A course of treatments is usually required and could cost as little as £60 depending on the tattoo. The payment options will be discussed and agreed during your initial consultation. We offer discounts for multiple tattoos and also offer a client loyalty scheme.

What our clients say about us.

I’ve been undergoing treatment here for over a year. After 7 sessions my green and blue dolphin is almost completely gone. The service is excellent as is the treatment. Totally recommend Shattered Ink to anyone needing laser treatment.
P Brown

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